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Dungeons of Wor Download Dungeons of Wor for Windows 2012 Version 2.6 !

featuring scroll action with unmanaged directx 9!

Wizard of Wor Dungeons Expansion

Dungeons of Wor 2012

4 Player party retro arcade

6 MB

See a failed raid on the guardian

Download Master of Organia

Master of Organia 2013

A Multiplayer space real time strategy game for Windows now using unmanaged DirectX 9 & .NET 2.0 Framework

A Master of Orion II fan project as a real time strategy game which implements all techs and some more like Planetoids, anti matter clouds, bosconian pirates, extra TOS monsters lensman (artificial hereos) and Space monster creation.

- DirectX 9

- NET 2.0

tested with windows 7 and 8 64 bit

Download MasterOfOrgania v2.394 Setup

GUI Redesign done

Screenshot Master of Organia

Screenshot Master of Organia

Download Archon 2012 Beta Version 1.x

This game combines the Animations of Rainer "Tileset" Prokein with the graphics of the grassland from the FLARE project by Clint Bellanger from OGA and many others in a mixture of Empire Earth, Settler & Archon.!

- Genre: RTS

- Network: Max 4 players

- System: Windows

- First playable Multiplayer Beta Release Version

with A* Pahfinding, Fullscreen Mode

Get the holy grail out of the Dungeon to win !

Version 1.24 from 30.11.2012 improved pathfinding bugfixes (spider net, tilehagel) (40MB)

See first 2 minutes in early beta

Screenshot Archon 2012 Beta

Download Wizard of Wor for Windows 2012

simulating the console game from 1983 including High Score with unmanaged directx 9!

System Requirements:

- Windows System

Wizard of Wor 2012

Download free Space Invaders

simulating the console game from 1978 including High Score on your mobile !

System Requirements:

- 240 x 320 pixel Display

- 450 kB Memory

- Java enabled

tested with the Nokia 7300.

Version 31

426 KB

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